About McCue Pauley and Associates, P.C.

About The Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C.

About the Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C.

The Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C. is a mid-sized law firm providing legal services to individuals, small- to medium-sized companies and selected large corporations, both in the State of Texas and internationally. This Web site is designed to provide our clients and prospective clients with detailed information about the Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C., our personnel, practice areas, and experience.

The attorneys at the Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C. are licensed by the Texas Supreme Court, but are not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

The information contained in this Web site does not constitute legal advice but is provided for informational purposes only. Review of this Web site does not create an attorney-client relationship. Information sent via electronic mail may not be confidential, and may not be protected by attorney-client relationship.

Our Purpose

The Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C. offers innovative legal services, aggressive strategies, and cost-effective solutions to members of the business community throughout Texas, the Southwest, and internationally.

Our Commitment to our Clients

At the Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C., we commit to maintaining an open and sincere alliance with our clients, which is continually fostered through direct and thought-provoking communication.

We commit to providing innovative legal services, aggressive strategies, and cost-effective solutions to assist you with business opportunities, as well as business problems.

We commit to joint, periodic evaluations of your business objectives, in an effort to ensure that the legal strategies we provide offer you the greatest legal advantage in helping you meet your goals and objectives.

We commit to providing legal services in a timely manner, and whenever possible, ahead of schedule.

We commit to charging legal fees that balance reasonable payment for services received with just compensation for time and resources invested.

We commit to the betterment of the business community, as well the communities in which we live.

Nine Reasons to Consider the Law Office of David C. McCue, P.C.

1. We do our homework.
We learn about your industry and your company, and listen to your business objectives before we attempt to craft a legal strategy to accomplish those objectives. Our job is to say "Yes" whenever possible and to find a cost-effective and timely way to get the job done.

2. We communicate regularly.
Through periodic reporting, either by telephone, facsimile, or electronic mail, we keep you informed of significant developments.

3. We work closely with you.
We welcome and encourage suggestions, comments and advice from you or your management team. Our goal as business lawyers is to accomplish your business objectives as quickly and inexpensively as may be practicable.

4. We work effectively.
The legal team assigned to your project, and your contact within the Firm, remain the same throughout. This approach provides consistency and uniformity, and reduces the need for duplication of work effort. Additionally, we have a strong internal staff that includes a dedicated team of attorneys, paralegals, and administrative personnel.

5. We utilize technology and effective legal tools.
Our offices are equipped with the latest technology, including Internet access, voice recognition software, video-conferencing, litigation support software, and computerized legal research. In preparation for litigation, we utilize jury focus groups, and where appropriate, mock juries for case evaluation and pretrial preparation. Other non-judicial dispute resolution techniques are suggested when such an approach is viable.

6. We respect your time and budgetary considerations.
Before we begin, we define the assignment and attempt to estimate a timeline and budget. Then, we strive to work creatively within the scope of the assignment, time schedule and budget. We routinely bill monthly, and provide a complete breakdown of all professional services and expenses. We provide retention letters in all cases and, although we often do require advanced retainers, especially in complex matters, we do not "markup" expenses. Any questions regarding professional services or expenses are promptly addressed.

7. We are aggressive and zealous advocates.
When litigation is required to address business problems, we are aggressive and zealous advocates. However, our advocacy is tempered by your business goals, objectives, and budgetary constraints. Negotiation, mediation, and other non-judicial resolution of business disputes are carefully discussed and implemented when appropriate.

8. We respect and revere the legal system.
We respect and revere the legal system and the constitutional form of government which we have sworn to uphold. The Firm practices law in accordance with the cornerstones of the legal profession: honesty, trust, integrity, fairness and justice. We represent clients who share a similar commitment to these principles.

9. We care about our clients, employees and our families.
We take great pride in our work, our children's schools, the religious institutions we attend, and the communities in which we live.