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McCue Pauley & Associates attorneys provide a wide range of corporate legal services for small to medium size businesses. We are also accustomed to working in a collegial manner with your accountants and other financial advisers to attempt to achieve the business objectives in the shortest time and at a reasonable cost.

Examples of corporate legal services provided by McCue Pauley & Associates include:

Formation of business entities such as corporations, and other business entities such as partnerships, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP’s) , and Limited Liability Corporations (LLC’s_);
Assistance with regard to business mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, joint enterprises, and the various problems and issues arising from the sale of the business to partial sales and even business dissolutions;
Preparation and review of employment contracts, severance agreements including concerns regarding trade secrecy, computer security, and non-competition agreements;
Negotiation and assistance with banks, lenders, factors, and secured creditors regarding financing, refinancing, terms, and voluntary financial workouts;
Conduct of outside independent investigations for Boards of Directors in selected sensitive cases;
Counseling for the entire range of labor related problems that arise in small to mid-size businesses. See the Labor and Employment section of this web page for additional details concerning the wide range of labor and employment related services provided; and
Finally, where necessary, McCue Pauley & Associates provides a full range of commercial litigation services for formal dispute resolution.

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